Do girls go to the gym to enlarge their breasts, should girls do chest exercises? How big is it?

Do girls go to the gym to enlarge their breasts , should girls do chest exercises ? This is a question that many women ask, is it true, especially small-breasted girls, who hope that going to the gym will help them improve this? So let’s find out how it actually is.

So the fact that girls at the gym can enlarge their breasts we will know right after this analysis

Women’s breast structure

No matter what type of girl you are, your breasts follow a basic anatomical structure (if you are different then you have a big problem) including: connective tissue, lymph nodes, ducts milk, fat… in which the size of your breasts depends a lot on the fatty tissue in your breasts (not taking into account your genetic makeup and pregnant mothers). This fatty tissue will make the breasts fuller and sexier.

So, do girls at the gym enlarge their breasts?

As mentioned above, whether gym girls should exercise their breasts to make their breasts bigger or not  , in short, YES. But most girls who exercise at the gym will have small breasts. Why.

Simply exercising will make you lose calories, but the body gets calories from many things including fat, and the size of your breasts depends a lot on the amount of fat in it.

So if you go to the gym, it can indirectly cause the phenomenon of smaller breasts because your breast structure is from fatty tissue, this will be very visible to girls with large breasts.

So maybe small-chested girls shouldn’t do chest exercises?. WRONG. Girls with small breasts should still do chest exercises, and why they still need to do it, I will say below.

The gym will make the chest muscles firmer (obviously right), help the breasts to be lifted (fix sagging breasts) and create a feeling of higher and bigger breasts.

If you want your bust to be bigger, then apply a good diet and contain good fats for the body to help add fat to it.

Eating well and exercising your chest regularly will help your bust “improve” and maybe it will get bigger (thanks to the reasons when doing chest exercises above).

Why should flat-chested girls still do chest exercises with weights?

Have you noticed that when boys do chest exercises, their breasts will be bigger, that’s because the muscle layer under the chest of men develops stronger.

So girls also have the ability to make your breasts bigger by doing chest exercises, but because your pectoral muscle layer is covered by the fat layer in your breasts, you don’t notice it.

If you eat enough food and keep the amount of fat in your breasts stable and not lost, the amount of internal pectoral muscles will push this fat layer up and from there your breasts will increase.

So, if you practice your breasts properly and the nutrition you cook with your mother’s rice, it is clear that a small-breasted daughter can completely improve her breasts, right?

The most obvious case: Sick and trying to gain weight

Sick is of course less fat, but less fat is of course and flat chest is obvious (except in some genetic cases where people are thin like breasts are quite big, but this case is very rare, most people I’m sick but my breasts are full of pumps). So when you go to the gym and have a proper diet, when you gain weight, you will notice that your round 1 also increases clearly.

The case where the chest is also small according to the person: Fat and weight loss

Obviously right, if you lose weight, that means the amount of fat is lost, so the breasts will be small according to common sense, if you are going from fat but still have a “huge” chest, 90% is surgical intervention only.

The benefits when girls practice chest

So after dispelling the worry about  girls exercising at the gym, will they expand their breasts , now I will give you more motivation to exercise breasts for the following reasons:

  • Girls doing chest exercises will make their breasts taller and more beautiful
  • Fix the hunchback phenomenon
  • Gives a more balanced upper body.
  • If you choose smart clothes, you will show off the beauty of your high bust more than those with big breasts because your breasts are clearer and fuller.

So what should girls eat to have big breasts without getting fat?

If you read the above and rush into eating high-fat dishes such as pork leg, beef noodle soup… to want to load fat into your breasts, beware that you will have to regret it because when you eat, you load calories, but calories are going around the body, if you eat not properly, it will make the whole body store fat, not only breasts and then suffer to lose weight and then suffer because of flat chest ….

To eat for big breasts without fat, the best way is to use foods rich in estrogen such as soy products (soy milk, tofu), milk, yoghurt, beets, papaya, etc. beans, green tea… they will help put the right amount of fat into your breasts better. And don’t forget to add vitamins like A, B, C, especially E to help keep your breasts in the most beautiful state.

The right clothes for exercise

After clarifying  above whether girls should train chest or not , now is the time to invest in workout clothes.

Whether you have large or small breasts, vigorous exercise but wearing a normal bra will be very bad for your breasts because it will constantly bounce up and down without being fixed. causing the breasts to sag. Not to mention it also causes discomfort when doing chest exercises.

Choose types with good elasticity, good absorption, high impact bras are best for support when exercising, do not wear too tight because when exercising will have to exercise a lot, wearing tight will cause discomfort

For those of you with small breasts, if you are afraid to wear it and be watched by others, you can wear a T-shirt outside, don’t make yourself miserable because of a little pride. The pride is what “kills” you the most.

The best chest exercises to increase breasts for women

It ‘s obvious if girls go to the gym to enlarge their breasts , so what are the best chest exercises for women?

Fitness Channel will introduce you to the most effective female chest exercises for you to practice to improve your flat chest.

Bench Press – Chest Push

This is the best chest exercise for women that you should do, do it with all its variations that you can do, the more you practice, the bigger your chest will be.

For details on how to practice, see the standard Bench Press technique

Chest Fly – Chest Fly

Chest Fly exercises are also a good exercise for you and you should also do all variations of this exercise. You can see the Dumbbell Chest Fly and Cable Chest Fly training instructions for details.

Push-ups for women

This is easy right, it’s easy to say, but it’s not easy to do this article correctly, so girls, please read the article on how to do push-ups for women every day to know more.

This is an advanced exercise for girls who want to challenge themselves more, and if you want to try it, visit the link of the Pullover tutorial to see how to do it.

You can watch a video of a chest workout to know more

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