The former NASA employee said she “saw them,” Humans on Mars?

Mars is one of the biggest mysteries in the world. But our nearest neighbor may have had people living there in the past.

Even though scientists say we don’t have the technology to get to Mars, there are a number of things that point in the opposite direction.

Now, a woman who used to work for NASA said she was sure she had seen people in spacesuits walking normally on Mars.

Has there already been a human settlement on Mars and we didn’t know it?He said he worked for the space agency in the late 1970s. He called himself “Jackie,” which is not his real name. There, she and some of her other friends saw a large number of people’s silhouettes on the surface of Mars.

When the impressive images were found, the team was doing work to keep track of the Viking mission.

The former worker said these things with John Lear, who used to work for the CIA and is known for being a passionate UFO and conspiracy theory hunter.

All of this was talked about on the famous radio show Coast to Coast AM, which is known for having a lot of experts talk about UFOs. The woman also said that NASA was to blame for keeping this kind of information secret.

Missions to Mars in the future were just a cover for something that had been going on for decades. But how is it that we’ve made it to the red planet?

People think that NASA has alien technology that has been letting them do these kinds of secret missions for a long time. The former worker said the following in this interview:

“That old Viking ship was on the move… Then I saw what looked like two people in space suits… They weren’t as heavy as most suits, but they looked like they could protect you. As they walked toward the Viking rover, they came over the horizon.

“When my coworkers and I noticed the strange thing, we ran upstairs, but they locked the door and put a note on it telling us we couldn’t go through so we couldn’t see anything.”

In the same way, John Lear said that NASA was on Mars in the 1960s. He is also sure that people don’t need spacesuits because they can get used to breathing in the low-oxygen atmosphere of our neighboring planet.

Some researchers have also said that the most important countries on Earth have been to space more than once.

These countries have whole space fleets and have put up a kind of holographic shield around the Moon so that no one can see what is hidden in space.

If this information is true, it would be the biggest lie in the history of the world. What have people on Mars been doing all this time? What does the red planet have?

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